Boring statistics (WCG)

One-line background: I have been donating unused CPU cycles to the World Community Grid, which runs grid computing projects for public and non-profit research institutions on the condition that all results are released to the public domain.

I’m concentrating on getting an Emerald badge for the Clean Energy Project at the moment. For this I have to accumulate one year of CPU runtime, which will soon become a problem as the project is going to end very soon, possibly within the next month.

As of several minutes ago I have:

Target runtime: 365 days
Average runtime per WU: 6.5 hours

Reported runtime: 163 days
Required runtime: 202 days

Pending validation: 13 days (50 WU)
WUs in queues: 30 days (113 WU)
Total unhatched chickens: 43 days
Still short: 159 days

I need CEP to run an additional 16 days if I’m to make my target.


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