How not to write a romance

I’m an avid reader with a lifelong aversion to Romance for no other reason than that there were piles of Mills & Boon and Barbara Cartland books in my house back in the mid-70’s and when I leafed through a few of them in a desperate effort to find something to read I came all over ick.

It wasn’t until 2007 that I came to the realization that there was more than bodice-ripping and near-porn in the genre when I wandered over from Making Light to Dear Author during the Lanaia Lee plagiarism wanksplosion. I found Smart Bitches, Trashy Books later, probably through DA.

I still don’t deliberately read Romance, but now it’s more a matter of priorities: My limited book budget goes almost entirely to SF and Fantasy, with an emphasis on Urban Fantasy. I still follow DA and SBTB for the industry news and book/hardware reviews.

In March this year, Jane of Dear Author posted a hilarious, snarktastic,  spoilery review of Knight Moves by Jamaica Layne. It had me crying with laughter from beginning to end, and I cackled intermittently for the rest of the day as memories intruded. Nothing that I can write will ever do justice to the post, so:


See other reactions in Fandom Wank and Weepingcock.

Oh, and those three links above? Definitely Not Safe For Work.


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