Orchard Road Christmas, 2009

Intersection of Orchard, Scotts and Paterson Roads

On this, my first visit to Singapore in seven years — and armed with a DSLR, wide-angle lens and a fistful of SDHC cards, I had the perfect opportunity to photograph the Christmas displays in Orchard Road. I played tourist; Hapsis was the host.

Raffles City tree, 07 Dec 2009

An initial survey was done by car on 07 Dec, and on 08 Dec Hapsis and I sallied forth on foot; that is, we parked at a public car park near Wheelock Place at the intersection of Orchard and Paterson Roads and then walked south-east. Start time: approx. 2230hrs.

Ion Orchard

Ion Orchard

There were arches like these all along Orchard Road, with the colours changing gradually from blue through yellow and red. How it all ended I do not know — we didn’t walk the entire length of the road.

The pedestrian walkway on the southern side of Orchard Road.

Dr Seuss-themed reindeer?

Ngee Ann City

Colour change

I wanted a red one but waited too long, and then the pumpkin happened.

A giant Christmas tree at The Paragon.

Ball lanterns

Every Angsana tree (Pterocarpus indicus, for botanical geeks) sported a ball-lantern-and-falling-snow light tube display.

Peranakan Place

Peranakan Place

Orchard Road turned into a pumpkin at the stroke of midnight The street decorations started going off at midnight, but by then we’d turned back and were on our way back to the car.

Finish time: 0030hrs.

More! Photos! at the Flickr page.

Camera: Pentax K100D Super.
Lens: Pentax DA 16-45mm F4.0 ED
Hand-held only. Ambient light only except where specified.
Cropping and resizing in Irfanview.


One Response to Orchard Road Christmas, 2009

  1. June says:

    Heh heh ! Thanks for the tour ! I stay here in s
    Singapore but avoided Orchard Road like the Plague during the Christmas season. So needless to say I missed viewing the lights.

    But thanks to you, I got a virtual tour !

    Cheers !

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