Boring statistics: WCG

Sunday, 20 June 2010

This is the current status of my World Community Grid effort. I’ve had a badge upgrade since the last update: the coveted Gold, signifying the attainment of the 90-CPU day milestone on the Beta Testing project.

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Sitting up with Sooty

Sunday, 6 June 2010


When I went to check the rabbits before going to sleep last night I found Sooty stretched out uncomfortably in the litter box. The first thing I thought was “uh oh”; the second was “bladder infection”.

She was shivering. She strained to urinate from time to time. Her position and facial expression was strained. She fidgeted in an attempt to get comfortable. She pressed her abdomen against the floor of the litter box.

Her ears were also cold, but that was to be expected in the run-up to winter in an unheated house.

At 2200hrs there was no access to the local vet. The choices open to me were an emergency after-hours vet or a bottle of a rabbit-friendly antibiotic (often used to treat bladder infections) which happened to be sitting in my fridge. I opted for the latter.

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Backyard lorikeets #2

Friday, 4 June 2010

Rainbow Lorikeets (Trichoglossus haematodus)

The local flock of rainbow lorikeets (Trichoglossus haematodus) made a very rare visit to my backyard yesterday afternoon. Attracted by their hisses and screeches, I went outside to discover that they’d descended from the neighbour’s Jacaranda tree to perch on the Hills hoist and colorbond fence.

I turned right around and went back for the camera, hoping that they wouldn’t emulate last week’s sulphur-crested cockatoos and fly away as I replenished the batteries with excitedly shaking hands.

Delighted to find them still there when I re-emerged from the house, I approached to within five metres and took some photos to remember them by.

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Winter and the carnivorous plant

Thursday, 3 June 2010

Back in September I posted some photos of pollinated Sarracenia flava flowers.

The seed capsules have now ripened and split; the contents are ready for harvest.

Ripened seed capsule of Sarracenia flava

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