A mystery Nepenthes


Front of pitcher

A friend gave me this Nepenthes hybrid one or two years ago, when it was much smaller. I put it under a shelf in the shadehouse — there was nowhere else to move it to — until last December, when it got a repot (sphagnum moss peat and perlite) and a brighter growing area. There were no pitchers at the time.


Today it’s a top-heavy monster with a single leathery pitcher I expect will open in a day or two.

The pitcher is 21cm long (excluding the hair thing on the top) and 5cm wide.


Rear of pitcher

There are two developing pitchers on the plant. When they have some size on them the plant will need additional support and possibly a bigger pot with a heavy base.

I’m really not fond of hanging pots, so the replacement will likely be a 160mm or 175mm pot with perhaps two support stakes instead of one. The current one is a 140mm.


Whole plant

It’s clearly a hybrid involving N. maxima, but aside from that I’ve no idea. Well-considered suggestions welcome. 🙂

Mystery Nepenthes series
A mystery Nepenthes
A mystery Nepenthes #2: Opening day
A mystery Nepenthes #3: Finale

Update: 29 March 2017
Geoff Mansell of Exotica Plants has positively identified the plant as Nepenthes truncata x (spectabilis x northiana).

Geoff and Andrea Mansell specialise in the creation of beautiful, large and vigorous Nepenthes hybrids. This spectacular clone most probably originated from the EP nursery.

Date: 18 March 2017
Camera: Pentax K-5
Lens 1: Pentax smc PENTAX-DA 18-270mm F3.5-6.3 ED SDM
Ambient light only.
Conditions: Heavy overcast.
Hand-held only.
Cropping and resizing in Irfanview.
All excursions are self-funded.


2 Responses to A mystery Nepenthes

  1. June Wong says:

    Wow nice giant. Can’t wait to see it for myself!

  2. Absolutely. 🙂 And did you see the final post?

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