Blue-ringed occy

So why the tentacles?

It’s funny now that I think of it, but within about six months after I got my first internet account in 1995 I had web pages on servers in Singapore, the US and Finland. Over the next few years the number of sites increased to:

Singapore (2)
Finland (1)
US (4)
Australia (2)

In my more fanciful moments I imagined I had tentacles draped all over the globe, and I chose the blue-ringed octopus as my mascot.

My empire has now shrunk to something like two sites, and I am content to keep a much lower profile than before.

Apart from the tentacleness above, this blue-ringed occy will remain an enigma for the foreseeable future.

Ol’ occy also has a Flickr page.


2 Responses to About

  1. Danilo M. Bonanni says:

    I am a young graduate in Natural Sciences at La Sapienza University of Rome, Italy. I am carrying out research work in Zoology for the scientific curriculum of mine, in view of a forthcoming competitive examination in the field of my own graduation subject.

    I have just finished a publication concerning Mammals and Motherhood. The text I’m composing provides a scientific fact sheet and some of the most interesting and significant snapshots I have retrieved both in referred publications both among the image files kindly posted by authors and users in the web.

    Specifically I would like to use the following image file of yours:


    I kindly ask you whether it is no problem authorizing me to include these snapshots of yours in the scientific publication of mine. A page of my work shall be expressly dedicated to the acknowledgments and in full citation of pictures’ owners, including a comment for further divulgation of their own scientific-artistic work and any other information the authors/users wish to provide about their own scientific activity.

    Waiting for the reply of yours, I greet and thank you.


    Danilo M. Bonanni

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