After the roast, the cleanup

Wednesday, 31 December 2014

I don’t like cooking. The preparation can be tedious. The smells hang around for days, depending on the configuration of your house and the day’s menu. Worst of all, there’s the washing up.

If you have done a roast on any kind of wire grill/cooking rack arrangement in the oven or a turbo broiler you’ll be familiar with the after-dinner results: a manky thing caked with grease and burnt animal product that needs cleaning.

You’ll spend some (meaning lots of) time with scrubber/brush/steel wool/whatever, plus detergent and hot water, in an effort to make it all good again. When you’re finally done you may have a bit of a mess to clean up after the cleanup. You may also notice some deposits that got missed the first time around.

Now that’s annoying.

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