Icelandic music #01

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Featured in this post:

Apparat Organ Quartet
Árstíðir (Seasons)
Fjallabræður (Mountain Brothers)
Rokkkór Íslands (Rock Choir of Iceland)
Valdimar Guðmundsson and Sigríður Thorlacius


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Ísland farsælda frón

Sunday, 5 February 2017

Ísland farsælda frón is set to the famous poem Ísland (Iceland) by Jónas Hallgrímsson. The poem was published in 1835; I haven’t been able to find out who created the music (click the link above for a detailed translation and discussion).

Voces Thules (0:47)

The Voces Thules version was my first encounter with this piece.

Árstíðir (1:35)

Rokkkór Íslands (Rock Choir of Iceland) (4:44)


This last version is really fun, wacky and out there. The band has little or no internet presence and may no longer exist.