PVA and RWS stats, July 2009

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

PVA and RWS statistics for July 2009

Back in 2006 I installed a 4000 litre rainwater tank. As part of a government water-saving initiative (we’d been in drought for many years and dam levels were at a historical low) I received a $400 government grant. A year later I added a pump and connected a toilet and the washing machine to the tank, bringing my reticulated water usage down to 110 litres a day (the average single-occupant household uses 249 litres a day).

IN 2007 I installed a grid-connected photovoltaic array with a 6KVA battery backup to offset part of my daily power requirements. I received a government grant of $8000 for this project.

I’ve been keeping daily records ever since, just for hell of it. So, without any further ado:

Photovoltaic array: grid-connected, 1.5KW with 6KVA battery backup
Commissioned: 21 Jun 2007
Power generated (July 2009): 129.10 KWH
Daily Average: 4.16 KWH
Long-term daily average: 4.71 KWH
Total CO2 saved: 3824 Kg

Total power generated: 3628 KWH
Value of power generated:  $442.67

Rainwater storage: 4000 litres
Commissioned: October 2006
Additional capacity: 2200 litres (2 x 1KL IBC), Feb 2009
Volume drawn (July 2009): 2725 litres
Daily average: 87.90 litres
Total drawn: 66,172 litres